Creating beautiful smiles

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Creating beautiful smiles.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. – Martin Charnin

A beautiful smile enhances one’s self esteem and confidence, promotes a sense of well-being!

At The Implant Clinic your smile is our passion. By and taking your needs and desires into account and by  employing the latest techniques in digital photography, videography,  digital smile analysis and other more conventional techniques we have the ability to create a beautiful smile for you. Based on this analysis we can create a “trial smile” for you which you will be able to wear temporarily to assess the potential changes to your smile before any definitive treatment is carried out. These trial veneers are a means of communicating with the entire dental team what the final outcome will look like before embarking on treatment.

It is important to have a complete oral assessment to examine for any more fundamental dental problems such as tooth decay(caries) or gum disease, bite or occlusion and spacing problems   and to have these s treated prior to embarking upon a smile makeover. Promoting and maintaining optimum oral health will enhance the successful outcome of any dental treatment including smile makeovers.

Smile design and makeovers will often involve a team approach from various dental specialists including oral hygienists, periodontists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons and dental technicians. Each specialist will bring their own expertise to bear in the treatment of a smile design case.


What does a smile preview entail?

Smile design software.

This is a computer application which allows the dental professional to import specific digital photographs of the patient’s face and smile and to carry out measurements and digital manipulation of the images to help with diagnosis and treatment planning of a smile design case.

Diagnostic pre-treatment digital photographs.

These are usually taken with a special lens and flash combination and can be used as an educational tool or used in combination with smile design software.

Dental Study Models.

Impressions of your upper and lower jaws/teeth are made and converted into dental casts which allow for a physical representation of the clinical situation. The models may be used to carry out diagnostic wax-ups which will allow for the assessment of the proposed changes to the smile or teeth.

Trial smile/clip-on veneers/composite resin mock-ups.

Provisional clip-on veneers can be fabricated from the information gleaned from the digital photos. Smile design software and dental model waxups. These trial smile veneers allow the patient to see what prosed changes to the smile may look like in real terms.


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