Paula Williams is one of our oral hygienists, and she volunteers as a play volunteer for Friends of the Children’s Hospital (FOCHA) at The Red Cross Children’s hospital . There she met Dr. Susan Brink and as is inevitable for dental professionals, they both took note of the poor state of many of the children’s teeth.

Tooth Decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease and the Western Cape has the worst decay rate in South Africa in part due to the low fluoride concentrations in our ground water. Prevention is vital. They set about developing a dental education program and permission was granted for them to go ahead in April 2013.

They have been very blessed by the kind sponsorship of a number of dental companies including Ivodent, Pepsodent, Wrigley’s, Colgate, GSK and most especially The American Tooth Fairies who along with toothbrushes donated a beautiful fairy dress. Their aim is to give the parents, carers and children more individual education about caring for their teeth and aid them in improving their dental health for life. Last year they handed out over 1 000 toothbrushes.