Ways to make THE COST OF IMPLANT THERAPY more affordable

We realize that implant therapy is extremely expensive and we have thought of a number of ways to make the cost of therapy more affordable while not compromising our standards.


At our practice we generally prefer to use one of the top three branded implant systems.

However, we do have all the equipment necessary to place generic implants if you wish to reduce the cost of treatment.  These implants do not have the same level of research and development (R&D) as the branded implants, but they have been developed on the back of the research of the branded implants and function extremely well.



Implants replacing the upper left lateral incisor as well as the upper left central incisor




All the upper teeth have been replaced with implants. Showing an excellent aesthetic result



We always plan your case in the most efficient way possible and with the best short and long term results in mind. However we can split up the treatment and build your mouth in stages without losing quality and long term success. Should you prefer this option, it is imperative that we plan the case from the beginning to the end so that we achieve the required end result.


The length of the treatment time may also be lengthened by the placement of provisional restorations (temporary crowns or bridges). They are far less expensive and can be used successfully for a number of months until such time as you have recouped financially and are in a position to afford the final restoration.



Implant case presentation: A case showing an upper left central incisor that was badly damaged and not able to be restored. The tooth was removed, an implant placed and a temporary crown fitted so that the patient did not have to walk around with a denture.




Final implant crown of the above case: Completed 2 months after the extraction and the implant was placed.